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Unless having weeks or months of grocery items stored, individuals need to replenish their supplies despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals having a high risk of susceptibility to infection, or who live in high-risk areas, may have the option of having groceries delivered to their homes. Others may venture forth to shop in person. But there are precautions that they must take to stay safe.

Grocery Deliveries

If fortunate enough to order groceries and have them delivered, provide instructions that the delivery person must leave the groceries outside the door. If desiring to leave a tip, determine if the tip and grocery payment might be made electronically in order to prevent direct contact. Electronic payments ensure the health of the person ordering and the person making the delivery. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends handwashing before and after retrieving the groceries. Wash the hands thoroughly from the wrists down for up to 20 seconds.

Going to the Store

When physically going to the grocery store, choose a time of day when the facility is not crowded. Bring disinfectant wipes to wipe down the shopping cart handle, countertops or other surfaces where direct contact might be necessary. Keep a minimum of six feet away from other patrons. Avoid making physical contact with anyone, which includes friends or family. When shopping in high-risk neighborhoods, individuals might consider wearing a protective mask. Spend as little time as possible in the store. Avoid touching the facial region while away from home. Use a disinfectant wipe or hand sanitizer after completing the checkout.

Grocery Disinfection

Disinfecting groceries is a must whether having items delivered or physically going to the store. Use a disinfectant wipe on all bottles, cans or jars made of glass, metal or plastic. If disinfectant wipes are in short supply, simply make a cleaning solution by combining four teaspoons of bleach to one quart of water. Spray the solution on each item or use a rag to apply the disinfectant. Allow the items to sit for a minimum of one minute before drying the containers.

Fresh fruits and vegetables may be cleansed by simply rinsing them under the faucet. Using soap is not necessary.

Once the groceries are cleaned and stored, disinfectant any surface that made contact with the bags, boxes or individual items.