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In this world of fast food and ready-made boxed dinners, many of us have lost interest in learning to cook real meals. It is a useful skill to have when you’re tired of ordering the pizza or want to try something new. Here are five foods you can learn to make by yourself.

1- Pizza

You might be thinking, “Pizza is pizza, even if I didn’t order it in!” That might be true, but homemade pizza is tastier. If you’ve decided to make the dough by hand instead of buying it in the store, it’ll be more satisfying. After that, you can have fun picking toppings and watching the cheese melt in the oven.

2- Cake

If you’ve ever smelled a kitchen while something sweet was in the oven, you’ll want to learn how to make cake. Life isn’t the same without homemade dessert. Cake can come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors; you can take the time to decorate it, or ask a friend to help you!

3- Grilled Cheese

If you need a quick snack for yourself or visitors, grilled cheese is the classic choice. You might remember your mother or grandmother preparing it when you were a kid. You can decide how crunchy or cheesy you want it to be; it will be tasty either way.

4- Pasta

Pasta is a quick and easy way to satisfy your hunger. Once you’ve boiled the noodles, you can decide which sauce to dribble on it, or whether you want meatballs. You can feed an army if you make enough; dishes of pasta tend to look like mountains.

5- Bread

If all you want is toast, homemade bread requires more of an effort to prepare it than store-bought. Homemade bread is superior–there is nothing like taking a bite from a loaf of bread fresh out of your oven. It’s a great gift for friends and neighbors, too.


Not everyone has the patience to get into the kitchen and become a chef. Some dishes just taste better made at home. Not only that, but it feels good to do something with your hands if you’re feeling anxious. Try one of these dishes before protesting that you can’t cook; you might surprise yourself and discover a new hobby!