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With fad diets no longer a trend, clean eating is more important than ever. Eating clean isn’t about cutting out fat or counting carbs. It’s a lifestyle choice in which the focus in on the types of foods consumed; wholesome, clean with as little processing as possible.

While clean eating really isn’t something new, not everyone knows what to prepare. To make meal prep just a little easier, below are some tips for eating clean at dinner.

Clean Eating Dinner Options

Eating clean doesn’t mean giving up flavor. As a matter of fact, eating whole foods with minimal processing actually taste better. What’s better is that most recipes go can from prep to table in 20 minutes or less, making it even easier to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor.

Here is a list of some of easiest and tastiest clean eating dinner options:


– Salmon and avocado poke bowl

– Curry with chickpeas

– Pea and spinach pasta

– A veggie bowl mixed with chicken and quinoa

– Salad with salmon and couscous

– Shrimp scampi with very little butter

– Ravioli with vegetables and pecorino

– Vegetable pizza without cheese

– Fish tacos with pico de gallo

– Cauliflower rice with Sriracha

– Roasted sweet potatoes with asparagus

– Spaghetti squash with grilled shrimp

– Vegetable kebabs with brown rice or quinoa

– Burrito bowls with white chicken and vegetables

There is almost no limit to clean eating, so take as much as time as necessary to decide. Just remember to include plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains while cutting out artificial flavors and preservatives.

Benefits of Clean Eating

Since clean eating prioritizes healthy foods, there are benefits to reap. Clean eating has shown to improve skin health, help people with weight loss, improve their mood and help them sleep better. Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals gained with clean eating, the immune system is strengthened.

Clean eating can also slash grocery bills in half. Since most recipes can be doubled, it’s easy to prepare double portions and store for later in the week.

Following a clean diet can also reduce inflammation and symptoms of chronic pain syndrome. Furthermore, clean eating improves a person’s memory as well as their longevity.

Clean eating dinners are just one way to stay healthy and active for years to come. Seeing the benefits take time may take time but similar to regular exercise, the results will speak for themselves.